MotoNovo Finance Appoints GoCompare’s Former CFOO

MotoNovo has announced the arrival of Phil Morgan as the head of its newest venture;

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MotoNovo rounds on finance mystery shop

MotoNovo Finance has issued a strongly worded rebuttal of comments about car financing made by in the Daily Mail.

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MotoNovo appoint Head of findandfundmycar

MotoNovo, who might just turn out to be the challenger to the all-powerful classified cars for sale website Auto Trader, have appointed Phil Morgan to head up their new online classifieds venture which is being called

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Former boss appointed to lead MotoNovo Finance's new vehicle sales website

Phil Morgan, former chief finance and operating officer at, has become as head of a new business at MotoNovo Finance.

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Grads Love Cardiff Careers Fair

MotoNovo reaches out to students at Cardiff University's Grad Fair.

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MotoNovo recruits dealers for car and finance website

1,700 dealers have been recruited for so far, which goes on beta testing this summer.

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