We offered Payment Deferrals of up to 3 months to provide short-term support to customers who were financially impacted by COVID-19, and in line with FCA Guidance. The Deferred Payments were postponed, not cancelled so they still need to be made up.  There is  no cost to you, if your Deferred Payment(s) are made up before your first restarted normal monthly payment is due.  However, if you would like to spread making up the Deferred Payment(s) you can do that but there is an interest cost for doing so. We have a range of options to assist you with making up your Deferred Payment(s).  The right option for you will depend on your personal financial circumstances.

Our Payment Deferral Interest calculator will help you to understand the interest charge you will pay depending on the payment option you choose.

Please note that calculations should be considered as illustrative only. 

This calculator is designed to illustrate the potential interest charge for motor finance customers only.  It is not suitable for customers who want to calculate interest charges that may accrue on their personal loan.

To discuss an interest charge on a personal loan, please call us on 0333 200 0030 (calls will cost no more than a UK national rate call to 01 or 02 telephone numbers).

Payment Deferral Interest Calculator


Interest Charge
Pay now Interest Charge:
Spread the cost short term (1-6 months) Interest Charge:
Spread the cost long term (6 - 60 months) Interest Charge:
Pay at the end Interest Charge: