If your car is written off or stolen, most insurance companies may only pay out what your vehicle is worth at the time you make a claim – and this could be less than the amount you owe on your agreement. Shortfall Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance could protect you against this ‘gap’ and make up the difference. 

In other words, Shortfall GAP insurance could pay the ‘gap’ between what the motor insurer pays out and what you owe on your MotoNovo finance agreement, including interest and fees, not just the value of the vehicle. 

This means you’re not left out of pocket.

For a one-off premium of £199 paid on a date to suit you before your finance payments start, our Shortfall GAP insurance policy will cover you for the whole duration of your finance agreement.

If you have a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement you are not eligible for Shortfall GAP, but could be eligible for RTI GAP.

You must have a motor finance agreement with MotoNovo Finance to take out a Shortfall GAP insurance policy with us, and a fully comprehensive motor insurance policy.

If you’re considering taking out Shortfall GAP with us, there is some key information that you should familiarise yourself with by reading the exclusions and limitations.

To discuss purchasing a Shortfall GAP insurance policy with us, please call 0333 320 3327.

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