My agreements

When applying for finance you will be required to supply certain personal information and confirm your identity.

You will need to provide a full UK driving licence. We may also ask you for a further proof of address dated within three months of submission of your application. Acceptable proof of address includes bank or credit card statement or mortgage statements.


The supplying dealer should provide this information. If for any reason you are unsure, there are a number of organisations through which you can check directly, such as:

  1. Experian
  2. RAC
  3. The AA


Your payments will usually begin one or two months after your agreement start date. This date can be found on the first page of your agreement.


You can change your payment date by registering or logging into MyMotoNovo. 

Please note if your payment date is within the next 3 days, your payment date will only change from the following month.


It’s important that we know if you have changed your bank account so we can continue to receive your payments. Please register or sign in to the MyMotoNovo App or portal to change your bank details

For changes to joint signatory accounts, please message us directly via the messaging service on MyMotoNovo for a direct debit mandate.  You can return the mandate via email at [email protected] or by post to:

MotoNovo Finance

One Central Square


CF10 1FS

Please note that in order to collect your monthly payment on time we require a minimum of 10 working days to set up a new direct mandate.


Please send a letter together with a photocopy of any relevant supporting documentation, such as marriage certificate, decree nisi/absolute or deed poll notice to:

MotoNovo Finance

One Central Square


CF10 1FS

Please do not send any original documentation.


Yes. If you took out your agreement on or after 11th June 2010, you have the right to partially settle it at any time. Please contact our Customer Services department on 0333 200 0030 for further information.


No. We do not offer payment holidays on our agreements. We do offer Pause Month on certain products, sold at the point of sale.


There are a couple of options you can take:

  • You may be able to take out finance yourself if you wish to keep the vehicle (subject to credit checks)
  • Or you may want to hand the vehicle back 

Please contact customer services directly to discuss your options.


Under the Data Protection Act, as well as for security purposes, we are only permitted to talk to you about your finance agreement unless you have specifically nominated a third party to speak on your behalf. To nominate a third party, please contact our Customer Services department.

Please note that whilst we may talk to a nominated third party about your agreement, only you, as the agreement holder, are able to make any changes to the agreement.


Unfortunately we are unable to change the agreed annual mileage on a Personal Contract Purchase agreement as it is taken into consideration when calculating the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of your vehicle at the outset of your agreement.

If you are concerned about your mileage, you must be sure to contact the supplying dealer in the first instance.


If your vehicle is stolen, you are required to carry on making your monthly payments until your insurance company has resolved the matter.

If you have informed us that your vehicle has been stolen, but it is subsequently found and returned, please obtain a letter from your insurance company to confirm this.

If your vehicle is not recovered, your account must be settled in full once any insurance pay-out has been made.


If your vehicle is written off, you are required to carry on making your monthly payments until your insurance company has resolved the matter.

Where your vehicle has been deemed a total loss, your account must be settled in full once any insurance pay-out has been made.

Remember, if you have taken out a GAP insurance policy you may be able to make a claim.


You are not permitted to take the Vehicle out of the UK without our written consent for more than 3 consecutive weeks to another country within the European Union. You must also not take the Vehicle out of the UK to another country outside the European Union.


Yes. You can settle your agreement at any time and there is no penalty charge for doing so. In order to understand how much this will be, log into MyMotoNovo and request a settlement figure. 


You will need to pay the amount financed plus the daily interest charges. These amounts will be detailed in the payments section of your finance agreement.

Please call our Customer Service Department within 14 days of receipt of the copy of your executed agreement from MotoNovo Finance to advise them you intend to withdraw from your agreement.


Please refer to your finance agreement regarding your administration fees or please click here for further information relating to our Tariff of Charges.


Please refer to page 1 of your agreement. 


With Pause Month, customers can defer their repayments for two months. Please be aware that interest is calculated from the day the agreement starts.

Pause Month is available with:

  • HP
  • HP+
  • VAT Assist

Pause Month is not available with:

  • PCP
  •  Breeze



You can register by clicking here. You'll need your agreement number to complete the registration process. 


With MyMotoNovo you can manage your finance agreement on the go, any time of day.


Yes. You can change your address and contact details via the MyMotoNovo App or the website portal. 

If you need to change your name, you will need to send copies of the relevant documents such as marriage certificate, decree nisi/absolute or deed poll notice to:

MotoNovo Finance

One Central Square


CF10 1FS

Or email [email protected].

Please do not send any original documentation.


Yes. Use the MyMotoNovo web portal or app to get a settlement figure, as well as download a copy of it. Your settlement figure is valid for 28 days, so you'll need to request a new one after that.



If your payment is due within the following 3 days, your payment date will only change from the following month. 

If you are changing your bank account, please allow 10 days for this to change. 

If your payment date is within 3 days of the change, your next payment will still be taken from your old account. 

If a change takes place within 10days, our next payment date will be adjusted slightly and you will receive written confirmation of this.

Please note your new account details must be in your name or joint with another party.


Yes. You can make a payment any time through MyMotoNovo. 

If you're wanting to make additional payments or partially settle your agreement, please contact our Customer Services team.


You can access your Discount Shopping offers through the MyMotoNovo web portal.


Experiencing financial difficulty

Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 you have certain termination rights.

For further information about these rights please refer to page 1 of your agreement, ‘termination: your rights’.

Please note that these rights are not applicable if you have a Fixed Sum Loan agreement. In all instances if you wish to voluntarily terminate your agreement you must inform us in writing, by email, or over the phone. 

Please send your letter, which must include your name, address, agreement number and contact phone numbers, should be sent to: MotoNovo Finance, One Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS. 

Alternatively, you can call us on: 0333 200 0030.

Or email us at: [email protected]


We have a duty to provide a true and accurate reflection of the financial conduct of our customers and as such register all activity with credit referencing agencies. If your account falls into arrears, this information will be registered with these agencies.


We review each case on an individual basis, aiming to ensure that payments are affordable and that the reduced payment plan would not cause further financial detriment.


We are happy to consider reducing your repayments, and whilst we look at every case on an individual basis, there are a number of factors we take into consideration before any decision is made. These factors include;

  • Type of agreement
  • Reason for financial difficulties
  • Balance left on the agreement


No. Once we have agreed to accept a reduced level of monthly repayment, you will not incur any late payment fees or additional charges provided you honour that agreement.

Once the payment arrangement has been finalised and the monthly instalments return to normal, any additional missed payments will result in fees being incurred.


You may benefit from one of these free and independent sources:

National Debt Line


Citizens Advice

Community Legal Advice

Money Advice Trust

Direct Gov

HM Revenue & Customs

Money Advice Service

Business Debt Line

Mind: This organisation provides a wide range of advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Their website contains a section on financial help for individuals.


If you’re having financial difficulties, you may find it useful to make a budget plan.

This can help you to:

  • Increase control over your money
  • Provide an early warning for potential problems
  • Stay on top of what is coming in and what is going out
  • Decide in advance how your money will work for you
  • Determine how much surplus income you have

The Money Advice Service provides a free online budget planner and advice on how to complete a budget plan.



At MotoNovo Finance we aim to provide quality products and excellent customer service.  Your views on our service are important to us, so if you are dissatisfied with anything, your complaint will be taken seriously and we will investigate and resolve it as quickly as possible. If we’ve fallen short of your expectations and you need to make a complaint, you should get in touch to let us know. Find out more here.

How to reach us:

Complaints relating to vehicle quality: [email protected]
Complaints about insurance: [email protected]
Any other complaints: [email protected]

Phone: 0333 200 0030
Post: MotoNovo Finance, One Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS


Once we have received your complaint, it’s important we fully understand and investigate the cause of your concern, so we may call you to find out some more details.  A dedicated complaint handler will be allocated as your point of contact and they’ll keep you updated on the progress of our investigation.

- If we can resolve the matter to your satisfaction within three working days of receiving you complaint, we will send you a summary resolution letter.

- If we don’t manage to resolve the issue within five working days, we will send you a written acknowledgement letter to reassure you that we have received your complaint and we are still investigating it.

- If we have fully investigated your complaint within four weeks of when the issue was raised, we will provide you with a Final Response Letter, which will provide details of the investigation findings and the final outcome.

- If our investigation is still ongoing within four weeks of receipt of your complaint, we will write to you to explain why the issue is yet to be resolved and when we expect to make further contact.

- We aim to resolve all complaints within a maximum of eight weeks.  If, after eight weeks we are still investigating your complaint, then we will write to explain the reasons for the delay and to advise when we expect to provide you with a final response. The letter will also explain the process and provide you with the details of how to refer your complaint to The Financial Ombudsman Service.

Find out more here. 


If you are still dissatisfied following the complaints procedure, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, a free and independent review service.  If you would like to contact the Financial Ombudsman, the contact details are:

Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

Free phone: 0800 023 4567

Low-cost phone: 0300 123 9123

Email: [email protected]



Yes, you can. If you employ a solicitor, claims management company or third party – e.g. a financial advisor – to handle your complaint, we’ll investigate your complaint in the same way as we would if we were dealing with you directly.

Please be aware that:

  • we don’t charge to investigate your complaint
  • we’re not liable for any fees you need to pay for a third party’s services
  • if we agree with your complaint and we make a compensation payment, we’ll generally only make this payment directly to you.


Although the PPI complaints timebar was the 29th August 2019, it is important that we continue to treat our customers fairly whilst recognising and adhering to regulatory guidance.  This means that we will continue to investigate PPI complaints for the following reasons:

  • - If you have purchased a Payment Protection Insurance Policy from us after the 29th August 2017.
  • - If you still have an active PPI policy and finance agreement with us, and have recently experienced a denied claim on your PPI policy which has led you to feel that you have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.  

If you would like to make a complaint, please contact [email protected], call us on 0333 200 0030, or write to us at the Complaints Department, MotoNovo Finance, One Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS.  We will then contact you to discuss your concerns in greater detail.


You should firstly contact your supplying dealer to discuss the problem.  If you are unhappy with the outcome and require further assistance, you can submit a Quality complaint form here. Complete the form and submit with any supporting documentation you may have to [email protected].


You can complain at any time, but there are different remedies available to you depending on when you complain about the faults.

If you are exercising your 30-day short-term right to reject, you must prove the fault was present at date of delivery.

If you are complaining more than 6 months after receiving the vehicle, you must be able to prove that the faults were present at the point the vehicle was supplied. The law assumes that any faults, if found to exist, would have been present at the point the vehicle was supplied for the first six months of the agreement. 


Our aim is to resolve all complaints as soon as possible and keep you updated at all times.

Regulation allows 56 days in which to resolve the complaint, so while some complaints will be resolved extremely quickly, some complaints are far more complex and need careful investigation.


Depending on when the faults are reported to MotoNovo Finance, this will determine the remedies available to you.  It is best to discuss these options with your complaint handler.


You are not automatically entitled to a courtesy car whilst repairs are completed, and some dealerships are unable to provide this. In these circumstances, MotoNovo Finance may consider paying a contribution towards hire costs, or to cover public transport costs, but this is decided on a case by case basis.


If you get repairs done without giving the dealer or MotoNovo Finance the opportunity to inspect the vehicle, the repairs could be classed as "unauthorised" by us. As repairs will have been completed without assurance that there was a problem with the vehicle, we may not be able to accept liability and cover costs.


Generally, we will always suggest that you have repairs undertaken by the supplying dealer. This is because it is generally quicker, and the dealer will be able to arrange and pay for repairs without added complications.

If you and the supplying dealership are a significant distance apart, or if the relationship between the two parties has broken down, or the dealer is unable to arrange repairs, we will consider all requests for independent repairs, but this is not usually at a franchised dealership because their labour costs are far more expensive, and for a used vehicle you are not necessarily entitled to new manufacturer branded parts. This is classed as "betterment", and you are only entitled to be put back into the position you would have been in, not an improved position.

It is recommended to obtain three quotes to ensure that the price quoted is a fair one, and that the work assessed to be carried out is correctly diagnosed.


ACE stands for Automotive Consulting Engineers Ltd.  They are independent engineers used by many firms within the vehicle industry to undertake independent inspections.


Once the Vehicle Quality Team instruct the independent engineers, ACE (Automotive Consulting Engineers Ltd) will contact you, usually within 48 hours, to arrange a convenient time and place for the inspection to take place.

Once the inspector has carried out an inspection, it will take at least 72 hours for their report to be prepared, typed, and quality checked before it reaches MotoNovo Finance.

The report will detail what faults, if any, are present, what is required to rectify them, and will also give an opinion based on the engineering evidence available as to whether or not the faults were present when the vehicle was supplied.

Once we've received the report, we will review it and send it on to the dealer for their comments, as well as providing a copy to you.


The inspector will make a physical examination of the vehicle, and may also scan the Engine Control Unit (on-board computer) to check for any stored fault codes. They will note any faults, as well as taking photographic evidence, and may take the vehicle for a test drive.

If you wish, you may be present when the vehicle is inspected. An inspection may take place at your home address or at a garage. This is especially relevant when the vehicle may, for example, need to be on a ramp for the inspector to view the parts required.


No. The Vehicle Quality Team will look at all of the evidence available, which will include information from both yourself and the supplying dealer (in addition to the inspection report) before making a decision as to how the complaint should be resolved.

Occasionally, the report is inconclusive, in which case we may ask the engineers to provide further analysis before reaching a decision.