MotoNovo Commercial is here to support your business as it grows, helping you to gain simple, straightforward access to finance on additional vehicles. As a MotoNovo Commercial customer, you will have access to:

  • A dedicated support team
  • Specialist underwriting
  • Business-specific products
  • A simplified application process
  • Access to our extensive trusted dealership network

Introducing Fleet Funding

In principle, we could make an amount available to you for funding future vehicle purchases. Subject to a full application for finance, this amount can be used to replace or grow the number of vans, cars or motorcycles you have on the road.

No obligation

There are no fees when applying for Fleet Funding. If you receive a decision in principle from us, this amount doesn’t need to be used within a restricted time frame. It is there to support vehicle purchasing when your business needs it.

Speed and convenience

Time is a valuable resource for every business. Fleet funding removes the need to present accounts and/or bank statements each time you request finance on a new vehicle.

Frees up cash flow

By spreading the cost of new vehicles, cash flow could be freed up for other business operations.

Specialist products

We offer business-specific products such as VAT Assist, which allow you to pay the VAT deposit on your commercial vehicle three months after purchase.

Dedicated support

Our business consultants can advise you on how to apply and take full advantage of our Fleet Funding facility. Our team will help you to source the best vehicle for your business, through our trusted dealer network.

How to apply

1. Contact our Specialist Business Consultants on 0333 320 0444*.
Our underwriters will assess your company's eligibility for an in principle Fleet Funding Amount.     

2. Source your vehicle through our extensive, trusted dealer network.
Our supporting dealers will be happy to help you choose a vehicle that fits your commercial requirements.

3. Complete a full application for finance within the dealership.
Your new vehicle will be funded by us, subject to a full application for finance.

Small Businesses

Are you a small business and looking to see how we can help with your vehicle finance?