Say hello to our dealer recognition awards – a first for MotoNovo and our dealers. Launching just a few months ago, the Extra Mile Awards recognise and celebrate our network of over 2,500 dealerships with an annual awards ceremony. This accolade lets us shine a spotlight on some of our biggest and brightest dealerships, helping you see all the hard work they're doing with MotoNovo, in their community and to support their customers.

There are three bespoke categories, which we’ll explain below, and winners will be chosen from our North, South and Major Accounts Divisions every quarter. They’ll not only receive a winner’s plaque, but an invitation to our prestigious annual Awards dinner!

Looking for one of our award winning dealerships? You can easily spot an Extra Mile Award winner in person or online by scouting out the logo on their website or in the dealership. Rest assured that all our dealerships are vetted and trusted partners.

Here's a little bit about each award and some of this quarter's winners:

Customer Journey Award

Celebrating our dealers who put customers at the heart of everything do, provide an outstanding customer service and embody customer culture.

  • North Division: Car Quay Ltd
  • South Division: The German Car Group
  • Major Accounts: Arnold Clark

“We always provide open and honest advice based on the customer’s requirements. We offer a full demonstration service including images and finance quotes so every customer has all the information they need. When they come to collect their vehicle, we carry out a full walk through of all of the vehicle functions ready for them to drive away. We’ve also adapted to providing an online buying experience for our customers including click and collect, contactless delivery and keeping our website up to date with our social distancing measures.”Tom Cook, The German Car Group

“We’ve updated our website and advertising channels, embraced video calling and technology, been much more open to delivering vehicles across the nation and accepted the change that has been forced upon us and made the very most of it. On a personal level I oversee everything and aim to keep not only the team happy and motivated but the customer experience as smooth, simple and positive as possible.” Jamie Caple, Car Quay LTD

Community Impact Award

Focusing on dealers who support the values of equality, diversity, inclusion and who put the wellbeing of those around them first, every time.

  • North Division: Just Audi VW
  • South Division: Buckingham Ford
  • Major Accounts: Peter Vardy

“I like for my entire team and our customers to be involved in the various fundraising initiatives we support. If it impacts our community, it impacts us and that’s where we feel our support is best spent. During the pandemic, we helped a local lady who needed access to a reliable vehicle to take her daughter to and from hospital appointments. We collected her car, gave it a full service, new brakes and MOT to bring it back to a reliable condition, free of charge.”Ian Redding, Buckingham Ford

“As a dealer who started as a family run business, we like to give back into our community as it means so much to us because the community around us helped us to get to where we’re at today. We annually review the charities we donate to as a democracy and the majority wins. There’s no ‘main’ charity as we also actively help charities abroad as well as local ones.” Joe Flint, Just Audi VW

Partnership Award

Recognising dealers that embrace the MotoNovo way, backing our products, customers and initiatives with their full support (after all, we wouldn’t be MotoNovo without our dealers!).

  • North Division: Motorserv-UK Cars
  • South Division: KCS of Surrey
  • Major Accounts: Motorpoint

“We view MotoNovo as a partner rather than a provider and we have grown significantly during this period. Motonovo were truly fantastic during the pandemic offering support and advice throughout. They easily offered the best support to dealers out of all our suppliers and providers. We’ve been working together for a long time and were impressed with their innovation from the start”Sean Purvis, KCS of Surrey

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