Last year, we kicked off the Extra Mile Awards to recognise and celebrate all of the hard work our dealer partners do. In three categories, we’re recognising those who put customers at the heart of everything they do, make the effort to give back to the community around them and their partnership with us.

Meet the latest winner’s circle!

Customer Journey Award

  • North Division: North Loop Autohaus
  • South Division: Gold Vehicles
  • Major Accounts: Perrys

“We feel it’s important that we keep a close and open relationship with our customers – offering transparency and positive customer led journeys. Customers should have a positive experience when dealing with any business when buying goods/services and judging by our online reviews, we meet this requirement. We’re are a team of professionals with a combined main dealer experience of over 100 years. Customers who are starting on their car journey should do their research and look at what is affordable and suits their lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and outline your expectations.” Jake Bayliss, Gold Vehicles

“We feel that customers should never shy away from asking questions! Our top tip would be to research the car/cars you’re interested in and check dealership reviews. We would definitely advise setting a budget and checking routes of payment too!” Jade, North Loop Autohaus

Community Impact Award

  • North Division: Autolinks Stranraer
  • South Division: Hypermotive
  • Major Accounts: MotorDepot

“We want to provide a Climate Action Solution for customers, so partnered with iOffset. Their mission is to spearhead an international carbon reduction and offsetting culture, making it easy and affordable for individuals and businesses to reduce and offset their unavoidable emissions. As an example, iOffset audited the emissions from over 3,000 cars presented for sale and quantified as average of 1.9 tonnes of CO2 per 10,000 miles. The result? We offset 2.5 tonnes of CO2 for every car sold.” Rachel, MotorDepot

“It was my personal friend, James, whose son was born premature and then unfortunately passed away. The hospital who treated Leo was amazing to both him and his family. We wanted to try to give something back for the help they gave. First Touch is a neo natal unit in St Georges hospital in London who care for around 500 premature babies per year. They’re an NHS hospital but are self-funded. The hospital had a shopping list of the things they needed to buy, and the money we raised paid for not only everything on the list, but also had enough for them to put aside for the future.” Richard, Hypermotive

Partnership Award 

  • North Division: Caledonia Vehicle Solutions Ltd
  • South Division: Global Moto Limited
  • Major Accounts: Carbase Group

“Our partnership with MotoNovo gives customers peace of mind that they are in the right hands and the confidence they need to purchase their new vehicle. They are a valued partner that offer great products, initiatives, and support.” Leni Forbes, Carbase

“We work closely with MotoNovo Finance to ensure that we offer the best products available. We have focus and drive, from introduction through to inputting the application. Our dedicated admin staff help provide a quick and straightforward payout process. By guiding the customer through the process, we are able to be efficient and successful when offering finance solutions. MotoNovo is on hand to offer customers at each of our showrooms a suitable finance package.” Luke, Global Moto Ltd