£40,000 charity giveaway

We’re passionate about supporting the community. For years, we’ve been supporting our dealers to give something back to their local communities through our match-funding programme. We also have a charity of the year – children’s cancer charity, LATCH. Our giving doesn’t stop there – we’re a generous bunch and we like to spread our support as far and wide as possible. Every week colleagues raise money through dress down initiatives and this pot gets shared between local charities at the end of our financial year.

As the COVID-19 pandemic tightens its grip on the world, charities, in the same way as businesses, are under more pressure than ever before to deliver their services. Their operating models are under enormous strain at a time when people need them most.

That’s why we’re launching a social media campaign to donate funds from both programmes totalling £40,000 to help ease the cash flow issues for charities supporting the most vulnerable people at this time.

How will it work?

With the UK in various levels of lockdown, we will take our car for a virtual drive around the UK (via social media) with a boot full of £40,000. The car will stop at 20 charities and deposit a £2k donation. 

  • We’re encouraging you to share our car post (tagging your chosen charity) in an effort to make charities aware of the campaign and get the car to stop at their charity of choice
  • The charity must share our car post on their Facebook page, tag @MotoNovoFinance and use the #MotoNovoCharityDrive
  • We will pick two charities a day to receive a £2,000 donation until the money runs out
  • For each charity that we land at we’ll share a story about that charity and encourage more donations for the great work they are doing.


To qualify for the £2,000 donation, the charity must meet the following criteria;

  • They must be a registered UK charity
  • The charity must support the vulnerable through one of the following: homelessness, mental health, financial aid, health services, family support, animal welfare

Visit Facebook and get sharing!

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