Last year, we kicked off the Extra Mile Awards to recognise and celebrate all of the hard work our dealer partners do. In three categories, we’re recognising those who put customers at the heart of everything they do, make the effort to give back to the community around them and their partnership with us.

Meet the latest winner’s circle!

Customer Journey Award

  • North Division: Top Car Inverness
  • South Division: Stratus Cars
  • Major Accounts: Motorpoint

"Every part of our business was setup with the customer in mind. Before Top Car opened its doors, our business plan had great customer outcomes at its heart. We had to think about “How easy are we to do business with” we then went looking for the holes in our process and filled them with a mixture of technology and experience. We have loads of digital tools, experience and techniques that help the customer find the answers they require. I’m told our coffee is the best I’m Inverness although this can’t be verified.” Craig Walker, Top Car Inverness

“If you’re starting out on your car buying journey, consider what you want the vehicle for. Take your time, do your research online before committing, research the garage you are looking to buy from and understand how much you are prepared to invest in the vehicle, consider longer term costs such as servicing and maintenance. Most of all try to enjoy it.” Frank, Stratus Cars

Community Impact Award

  • North Division: Lindleys Autocentres
  • South Division: Amanah Prestige

"One of our main core values is caring, whether that be for colleagues, customers, or charity. Supporting our community is vital part of that, we care for our community and believe in giving back. With over 70 local employees, we feel an obligation to give back to the place which helped us grow as a business and a family. Our main aim is to try and support those who need it the most. It’s impossible to support every cause so we choose carefully which charity we feel aligns the most with our core values.” Ryan O’Donnell, Lindleys Autocentres

“Charity starts at home, so I want to support the local community and where you can see the results. We work within the local community and a portion of our profit goes to a variety of different arears such as local schools but also to those that are less fortunate.” Javid, Amanah Prestige

Partnership Award

  • North Division: Hippo Vehicle Solutions
  • South Division: Foray Motor Group

“Hippo Motor Group and MotoNovo have continually developed a strong working relationship over the course of eight years. A close and collaborative working relationship with our Account Manager is vital to our continued success. Not only does it help us to ensure the best possible customer journey is given to everyone who comes onboard, but it provides a smooth process when an obstacle is encountered.” Mark Meah, Hippo Motor Group

“We saw MotoNovo as a ‘forward thinking’ and innovative finance company, and this suited our business strategy. We also heard very good things and good feedback from others.” Simon Moulton, Foray Motor Group